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Pifferi e Tamburi – Pipes and Drums

Pifferi The Pipes and Drums have an important history behind them. It was thought that at the time of Emanuele Filiberto, there was a resident Pipe and Drum band in the four-towered castle, permanently at the service of the Ivrea garrison.

Today the band of pipers and drummers is led by the first piper who prompts the opening notes and by a drum major who keeps the rhythm.

The uniform of the group includes the short French-style Phrygian hat, a red jacket with green collar and cuffs, gold metal buttons and green trousers with a red band. The instruments in the band are small tin whistles, drums and the bass drum.

There are thirty two carnival tunes in all, including five reveilles played during the Alzata degli AbbĂ , during the Pianta il Pich and the burning of the Scarli, and a Generala played whenever the General dismounts from his horse to leave and during the funeral march on Tuesday evening.

In addition, at all official dinners the alzata da Tavola, consisting of the marches of the five city parishes played one after the other, marks the end of the meal.

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