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How to get there

By plane

The nearest airport to Ivrea is the Aeroporto Internazionale Sandro Pertini in Turin Caselle. It is 16 km from the City of Turin and about 40 km from Ivrea.
You can reach the Carnival town by taxi or train, every 30 mins there are connections between the train station Turin Caselle (about 150 meters from the airport) and the Turin stations of Dora, Porta Susa and Lingotto. The service operates from 05.00 to 21.00.
From there you take the Turin-Aosta train to Ivrea station.

More about the Turin airport:

By train
Ivrea is on the Turin – Aosta line. You can take a train from the Turin Dora or Turin Porta Susa stations and reach Ivrea in about one hour.

For train information:

By car


From Turin
Motorway A5 Turin-Aosta, exit Ivrea

From Milan
Motorway A4 Milan-Turin, junction A4-A5 Santhià-Ivrea, A5 direction Aosta, exit Ivrea

From Aosta
Motorway A5 Aosta-Turin, exit Ivrea

From Genova
Motorway A26 Genova-Gravellona, A26 direction Alessandria-Santhià, junction A4-A5 Santhià-Ivrea, A5 direction Aosta, exit Ivrea

For motorway and public transport information:

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Sunday, February 15, 2015
Download the information about parking managed by Ivrea Parcheggi for cars, private busses, camper and caravan (download PDF)

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