Saturday 6th February 2016

Carnival  Saturday

8.30 a.m. Visit of the Generale (General), the Sostituto Gran Cancelliere (Assistant Grand Chancellor) and the Stato Maggiore (General Staff) to the Military Authorities
The Assistant Gran Chancellor records the protocol for each visit.
11.30 a.m. Presentation of the Scorta d’Onore della Mugnaia (Miller’s daughter’s Escort of Honour) to the Generale (General’s) in piazza di Città
2.00 p.m. Children’s fancy dress party at Diavolandia
Entertainment with playleaders, team games, snacks, drinks and music organised by the Picche, Morte, Tuchini, Scacchi, Pantere, Diavoli and Credendari teams.
3.00 p.m. Inauguration Carnival between signs and colours exhibition
In the Pier Alessandro Garda Museum, twenty performances of artists from the 50’s to today, recount the highlights of the Historical Carnival of Ivrea with an explosion of signs and colors.
9.00 p.m. Presentation of the Vezzosa Mugnaia (Charming Miller’s daughter) from the Town Hall balcony. The Mugnaia (Miller’s Daughter) in her traditional white dress goes from the Mayor’s office to the Sala Dorata where the General’s gift, a brooch with a pick and spade on a red rosette, is pinned onto her green sash. She is introduced to the Assistant Grand Chancellor by the aide-de-camp assigned to her, in turn the Sostituto Gran Cancelliere (Assistant Grand Chancellor) introduces the Generale (General) and all the other Carnival characters.
As the big bell strikes, the Sostituto Gran Cancelliere (Assistant Grand Chancellor) reads out the proclamation, at which the Mugnaia (Miller’s Daughter) appears on the central balcony of the Town Hall to receive the city’s embrace.
9.30 p.m. March of the Historical Parade University Student torch light procession and Parade of the Orange-throwing teams in Lungo Dora in honour of the Vezzosa Mugnaia (Charming Miller’s daughter)
On the Generale (General’s) arm, the Mugnaia (Miller’s Daughter) takes her place in the procession made up of the Pifferi e Tamburi (Pipes and Drums), the Band, Ensigns with bouquets, the Scorta d’Onore (Escort of Honour), Maids, Pageboys, the Miller (Toniotto) accompanied by the Sostituto Gran Cancelliere (Assistant Grand Chancellor), Officers and Sutlers of the Stato Maggiore (Officers of the General Staff), the Podestà and his entourage, the Abbà escorted by the Credendari, university students and orange-throwers of the two teams on foot that formed the guard of honour for the Mugnaia as she left the Town Hall.
The procession crosses the city as orange-throwers of the other teams on foot line up along the riverside with all the townspeople to pay their homage.
The route follows piazza di Città, via Arduino, piazza Gioberti, via Guarnotta, Ponte Vecchio, via Gozzano, piazza Lamarmora, corso Nigra, corso Gallo, corso Botta, piazza Balla, via Palestro, piazza del Teatro.
9.30 p.m. Gala Evening – Ball in honour of the Vezzosa Mugnaia  (Charming Miller’s Daughter) at the Giacosa Theatre
11 .00 p.m. The Historical Pageant arrives in piazza del Teatro
The Mugnaia (Miller’s Daughter) dances with the Generale (General) to the Carnival Anthem
Orange-throwers’ partying in the city squares

From the end of the parade until half past one, parties organised by the orange-throwing teams on foot: Mercenari in the Park, Credendari in piazza Freguglia, Diavoli in Diavolandia, Pantere in piazza Balla, Scacchi and Arduini in piazza Ottinetti, Picche in piazza di Città, Morte in the gardens in corso Cavour and Tuchini in Borghetto.

from 3.00 p.m.–7 p.m.
Ivrea Historical Carnival Shop
in corso Botta

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